Workforce Benefit Technology & Platform

A single benefits & HR platform for your entire business


A Single Workforce Management & Benefits Platform for Your Entire Business.

Effective workforce management comes with its challenges and our tools alleviate the clutter. We automate the workforce management processes through the utilization of proven technologies such as:

  • HR information systems (HRIS)
  • Online benefit administration
  • New hire onboarding
  • Payroll integration
  • PTO tracking
  • ACA 1095 reporting

What we offer


PBM risk management

Voluntary benefits

Fully insured plan management

SCA government contractors

Life & disability

Workforce and Benefit Management Platform

  • Eliminate manual enrollment reporting with dozens of insurance carrier integrations
  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines
  • Store, review, and acknowledge important plan documents
  • Empower employees with self-service
  • Real-time reporting and updates
  • Comprehensive audit trail

Supercharge your workforce management system using our 150+ integrations.

Centralize your workforce records, eliminate double entry & empower your employees with easy-to-use self-service human resource tools.

Offer & manage a comprehensive benefits package with less work using an online employee self service platform.

Put your payroll and benefits department on autopilot using one of our seamless payroll integrations.

Get new hires up and running quickly while using a rules-based workflow.