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Frequently Asked Questions

Many insurers select their policy too quickly after purchasing a car. Don’t choose your auto insurance without carefully looking at the details of the policy. Frontier can help you compare policies in minutes and get an affordable rate with coverage to protect you, your car, and your passengers.

Car insurance rates can be based on your zip code, driving record, age, marital status, credit score, and choice of car. Of course, the amount of coverage that you decide to buy is an important factor when determining your rate. Auto insurance at Frontier is quick and easy. Our agents can help you find coverage that fits your needs in just minutes.

Home insurance policies will consider home improvements, your location, your health status, and how you secure your home. You can qualify for additional discounts by bundling your home and auto insurance, being a long-time customer, having a history of no claims, or choosing a higher deductible. This can also be done through paying your premium in one lump sum, being a first-time homeowner, being married or widowed, or living in an area with a Homeowners Association (HOA).

The limits on your policy should be high enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home at current market rates. Be careful not to buy insurance based on your mortgage as it may not cover the cost of rebuilding.

When you are buying life insurance, individual needs vary. We recommend that you talk with one of our licensed sales agents to help determine the right coverage for your lifestyle and your budget. It’s a good idea to consult your attorney or financial advisor for any financial planning advice.

Yes. Should your insurance needs change, you have the flexibility to convert your policy to whole or universal life at various times during the policy’s term. This benefit, however, does expire. If you do decide to convert your term policy to permanent insurance, you won’t have to take another medical exam or reapply.

If your coverage is rated based on the size of payroll, adding additional payroll costs should be reported right away so that your premium can be adjusted to reflect this change. This will invariably result in additional premium costs, and that increase will depend upon the type of business you are engaged in.

There are too many variables to simply estimate a cost. Insurance carriers can have complicated rating systems and require accurate information to determine an actual price. Frontier is happy to work on getting you a custom, accurate quote as quickly as possible.

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