Meet the Gallatin Insurance Team

At Gallatin Insurance Powered by Your Policy, we are here for you! Our reason for coming in each day is to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations. We want your interaction with our team to be awesome, not average.

We only grow our team with agents that share this vision. They must also be naturally focused on our “WHY we are here,” which is to “Genuinely care for people by offering security in a changing world.”

This is the experience you should expect when contacting Gallatin Insurance – it is the standard by which we do operate. Being a great agent isn’t enough, our team is here because they also have care, concern and compassion baked in. Give us a try, you won’t go back!

Brian Noegel

Brian Noegel has owned and operated his own insurance agency since 1989. Brian founded Blue Ridge Insurance in 2002, is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and LUTC, and is Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for insurance in much of Virginia. Brian has also gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, as well as helping the entire team complete the course.

Amanda Stepp
Customer Service Advisor

Amanda Stepp is our customer service advisor and guides people through policy questions, changes, and updates. She has been in the insurance arena since 2013 and brings a wealth of experience to assist our clients.

Cameron Judd
Personal Insurance Specialist

Cameron started her insurance career in 2014. Her passion is helping you stay up-to-date thru life’s changes.

With a wealth of expertise, she collaborates closely with our clients to tailor solutions that align perfectly with their requirements. Cameron’s unwavering commitment to our clients and upholding the highest standards of professionalism consistently earns her enthusiastic referrals from satisfied clients to their loved ones.

Tara Jones
Personal Insurance Specialist

Tara held her first position in the insurance industry in 2004, and today she brings you a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding. She enjoys helping you with your insurance and finding the best fit for your current situation.

Amanda Stepp
Life Insurance Specialist

Lorraine entered the insurance business shortly after losing her father unexpectedly more than 20 years ago.  She learned first hand what impact the unexpected can have on a family. Her specialties are Life, Health, Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance as well as Fixed & Indexed Annuities.

Melissa Easter
Personal Insurance Specialist

Melissa has been helping families with their insurance needs since 1996. She brings a high level of expertise to our clients and works diligently with them to find a plan that best meets their needs. Melissa believes that putting our clients first and maintaining a high level of professionalism on their behalf is what makes clients eager to refer her to their family and friends.

Katherine Eachus
Customer Care & Assistance

Katherine is part of our customer support team, sharing our desire to provide each and every customer with the kind of service and consideration they look for from Blue Ridge Insurance. Katherine stepped into insurance in 2017, and she enjoys going the extra mile to help our valued customers feel cared for and appreciated.

Sherri Dechant
Customer Review Advisor

Sherri has been dedicated to assisting individuals with their insurance needs since 1995. She is deeply committed to ensuring that clients grasp the intricacies of their coverage while ensuring their comprehensive protection. Throughout your consultation, various topics may be explored, including potential discounts, areas of coverage vulnerability, and innovative safeguards to enhance your security.

Maggi Banaga
Administrative Manager

Maggi bring years of experience in technical management and trouble-shooting ability. She keeps things running smoothly for the rest of the team and handles the majority of agency operations.

David John
Administrative & Rating Assistant

David has helped us with administrative tasks as well as working the majority of our quoting, both new and renewal re-shoping. He has an eye for detail and works to find our clients the best rate possible.

Piet-Janse-Van Vuuren
Commercial Insurance Agent

Piet has decades of experience as a business owner, running various types of operations. He brings this wealth of experience and blends it with a seasoned insurance background. His care and concern for the needs of his clients is evident in the well-crafted insurance portfolios created on their behalf.

Fashioning quality, well considered coverage balanced with affordability are hallmarks of his work. Piet is looking forward to hear from you. Arrange a meeting to discuss your business and it’s unique concerns, and find the most practical insurance solutions to meet your needs.